Jessica Prague
Fitness App

Cornell Fitness App

Feb 2018 to present

I am working with four developers and a designer
to build a fitness app for Cornell's busy students.
It aims to motivate students to exercise with friends,
so they can actually enjoy working out.



Instagram Hashtag Filters

Fall 2017

For Intro to Digital Product Design, I completed a
case study on enhancing Instagram’s search
process by enabling users to find what they are
looking for when they search.   


Cornell Reviews

Sep 2017 to present

Cornell Reviews is a course-rating website,
where students are able to submit course
reviews and rate each course.  As a designer
for Cornell Design and Technology Initiative
I helped design the Cornell Reviews website. 

Case study coming soon.


Daily UI Challenge

Dec 2017

To flex my creativity and improve my design
skills, I took on the Daily UI Challenge!